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Depression Treatment

Depression Treatment

Is Every Day Difficult?

Do you suffer frequently with self doubt, negative self-talk and self-criticism ?  Do you feel sad and stuck, mentally, emotionally or physically uncomfortable or struggle to connect with positive feelings? Maybe you have stopped doing the things that you use to look forward to.  Have you withdrawn from friends and family or feel emotionally isolated even when you’re with others.

Do you feel hopeless, helpless and without a path forward? Are you feeling unable to let go of negative, self-defeating thoughts and feelings so you can  find a way to feel peace, joy  and once again become an active part of the world around you?

Depression is an exhausting, lonely and seemingly hopeless experience. It can make you feel hopeless, without value, highly self-critical and isolated. Connecting  with others – even loved ones – especially if those around you don’t understand the experience of depression can be close to impossible. Depression often makes you want to give up and hide from responsibilities.  It often causes a foggy or exhausted sense that makes concentration to complete basic tasks or interaction with others impossible. In order to self -medicate you may be abusing alcohol, food or drugs in an attempt to cope with pain, numb out or feel anything at all.

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Depression Is Common

So many Americans struggle with depression. It is one of the most commonly diagnosed mental health disorders in our country. It can be hereditary or developed through long term and ongoing exposure to depression and the behaviors associated with the disorder when left undiagnosed or untreated.  Sometimes, unresolved traumas, losses and significant life transitions can lead to depression. The depression experience can vary greatly as people struggle with different symptoms and levels of symptom severity. While one person may experience a sense of sadness and discontent with life, another is overwhelmed by every day responsibilities, entertains suicidal or engages in self-harming thoughts and behaviors.

Some can navigate through the symptoms without professional care while others need  help to regain their life. The good news is that depression treatment is proven to be very effective, helping millions of Americans each year. If you’ve been struggling emotionally and physically for some time, an experienced and compassionate therapist can help you find relief and a path to healing.

Depression Counseling Can Help You Heal

Depression eradicates your sense of joy. The good news is, depression treatment with an experienced and compassionate counselor can be very effective in guiding you through and out od your depression. It can help you identify and address what is keeping you stuck in an unhappy and unproductive cycle of thinking and behaving. With guidance and support, you can develop the positive perspective and  the tools needed to effectively manage and even overcome symptoms, and have a productive, balanced and happy life.

In our depression counseling sessions, one of the therapists at West Hartford Holistic Counseling Center will provide you with the safe, respectful and caring environment needed to work through challenging thoughts and emotions. Healing occurs when we feel connected, safe and supported. As you and your therapist develop a safe and trusting relationship, you can begin to explore the underlying causes and triggers of your depression. We all feel stuck or lost sometimes. By identifying past pains and traumas, we’re able to accept and acknowledge our experiences and release them.

In counseling you can learn effective coping strategies to address your uncertainty, discomfort and tension. We can teach you and help you practice relaxation and meditation exercises, which can not only elevate mood, but also help you access the wisdom that resides within. Through your therapy process, you can increase self-awareness, identify personal strengths, foster a stronger connection to yourself and feel more centered and grounded in your life. You can begin to accept and love yourself for all who you are. With help, guidance and a willingness to engage in the process, it’s possible to cultivate a happy and fulfilling life. You can find more joy in your daily experiences, connect with loved ones, enjoy more energy and find balance, purpose and direction in your life.

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Although you may be ready to get the  additional support you need during this challenging time, you still have questions or concerns about depression counseling….

I’ve tried depression treatment, and it didn’t work. How will it be different this time?

We are all different and there are so many different ways to heal. The key to successful progress, healing and growth is cultivating a trusting and secure relationship with you therapist. Your last therapist may not have been right for you and/or important issues may have been overlooked. Regardless, it’s important that you keep trying. There is always hope for healing. Our therapists are committed to creating an approach that meets your specific needs, history and personality.

Shouldn’t I be able to work through these feelings on my own? 

We live in a culture that perpetuates the idea that we must pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and go it alone. The truth, however, is that humans heal in relationships and community. And, there are times when we all need guidance and extra support – regardless of who we are or how accomplished we’ve been in life. Recognizing that you need a little help is not a sign of weakness. Rather, it’s a sign of strength. It takes courage to reach out, become vulnerable and share your experience. And, often, opening up to another is what is required to heal and move forward.

I’m afraid that talking about my depression will just make me feel worse.

The fear that we hold in our minds is often far worse than the actual experience. And, while it might be difficult to talk about certain feelings and issues at first, doing so is part of the healing and growing process. In depression treatment, you will not be alone in the process. You will have support and guidance as you learn to accept, process and shift challenging thoughts and feelings. You will be respected and supported as you let go of fear and suffering and embark upon a new healthy life and perspective.


You Can Find Relief And Healing 

Please contact our office for a free 15-minute phone consultation. We look forward to discussing your unique needs and answering any questions you have about anxiety treatment and our approach and practice.

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