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Teen Counseling

Are you struggling with your teen’s behavior?

Teen Counseling

Do you find your teen regularly rejects your guidance? Are the two of you at a crossroads, where communication has become next to impossible? Have you found yourself standing by in frustration, watching friendships unravel, grades decline, or interest in school or outside activities change? Are you concerned about risky behavior, or that your teen is on a destructive path?

Parenting a teenager can be difficult, and very stressful. You have worked hard to help your teen grow into a mature, responsible adult, and continue to do so. The challenge you’re facing is that, while teenagers are at a point where they’re learning to make many of their own decisions, they are still confused and uncertain. That makes your ability to keep them safe more and more difficult. When coping with this complicated time in your teen’s life, you may feel baffled about how you can help and protect your child. At West Hartford Holistic Counseling, we appreciate the challenges you and your teen are facing, and offer our counseling expertise to assist you in navigating through this important time in his or her life’s journey.

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Will my child resist teen counseling?

Very often parents are concerned that their teenager will resist counseling. Teenagers are wired to resist and rebel against guidance that a parent or authority figure offers. Despite how frustrating it can be for you, it’s actually a natural and healthy part of growing up. Our therapists provide teen counseling in a safe, non-judgmental and respectful environment for your teen. We often find that, once we connect with them, our teen clients realize counseling provides a secure place for them to express their thoughts and feelings. That when they begin using their sessions to help themselves, creatively and effectively. At West Hartford Holistic Counseling we work with your child to help them open up and share their thoughts and feelings around family, friends and the daily stresses of life.

Some of the common concerns we often see faced by the kids in teen counseling are:

Whether your child is facing these types of challenges, or struggling with something else, at West Hartford Holistic Counseling we have experienced counselors and therapists who provide expert guidance, motivating and empowering your child to confront complex thoughts and feelings, manage daily stresses and learn from them.

When considering teen counseling, many parents have questions and concerns about how the process works and how it can potentially help their child:

When will I get my kid back?

Your teen is on a path to establishing his or her identity. The challenges and conflicts you’re confronting as a parent are a result of these changes. So, in some ways, you’re not going to get your kid back. With teen counseling, you do, however, have the opportunity for an improved relationship, better communication and a smoother transition into adulthood for your child.

Should I go into counseling, too?

Whether or not you attend counseling is a two-part answer. Are you seeking support in dealing with your child’s behavior, or are you looking for tools to better manage that behavior through parent coaching. In the first case, counseling would primarily benefit you, which, in turn, will benefit your teen. In the second, your work would be in tandem with the work your teen was doing, which may help you better support your relationship and communication.

Will the counselor let me know what’s happening?

Unless your teen is in imminent danger, the arrangement around teen counseling and  sharing information is typically on a case-by-case basis. Some parents want to stay informed, while others will step out the process and let it unfold naturally, without interference. With minors, parents can request updates about their child’s progress from the counselor. Typically, the counselor shares with the client that he or she is speaking to the parent. When a teen reaches the age of majority (18), a parent is no longer privy to what goes on between the client and counselor with the client’s written consent.

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It’s so easy to get stuck in the cycle of just trying to make it through the day. Especially when life feels like a never-ending pattern of stress from family, work, personal relationships, and the relentless pressure to achieve happiness and life satisfaction. Therapy is truly a safe space to explore your thoughts and feelings in a confidential setting, free of judgment or criticism.

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