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The Care Coordinator for West Hartford Holistic Counseling.

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Daphny Hernandez, LPCA-A

The concept of therapy can be intimidating; it requires us to be vulnerable and face difficulties within our own selves.


Bianca Gomez LMFT-A

As a therapist, I am passionate about fostering healing and growth. I deeply value authenticity, curiosity, and vulnerability in my practice.

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Kacey Friedman, LPC-A

Sometimes we need a place to grow and navigate life in a safe and healing environment. I believe in providing that genuine and empathetic space for you to overcome challenges and achieve your goals to ultimately thrive in life.

JV Professional

Johana Valentin, LPC-A

The thought of seeking help may be uncomfortable and challenging. I believe that the support and guidance of a therapist who values culturally sensitive care can provide a safe and inclusive space for healing and growth.

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Evan Kosilla, LMSW

Therapy is truly a safe space to explore your thoughts and feelings in a confidential setting, free of judgment or criticism.


Sarah Scott, LMFT-A

I am a marriage and family therapist and have spent the last decade working with youth, their families and parents helping them navigate life’s unexpected challenges. I am a therapist that believes healing is a journey, and it is vital to build a strong support system through various outlets.

Peyton Mayzel, LPC, MT-BC

Peyton Mayzel is a Mental Health Counselor, Board-Certified Music Therapist and Reiki II Practitioner. She works as an outpatient mental health therapist at West Hartford Holistic Counseling Center in West Hartford.

Cherie Bochenko, PMHNP-BC

I am a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. With a passion for mental health and a deep commitment to improving the well-being of individuals, I have dedicated my career to providing compassionate and evidence-based care to those in need.


Katie Helger, LMSW

As an integrative therapist, I am on a mission to bridge the gap between emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

Marissa Wright

Marissa Wright, LCSW

Deciding to enter therapy is the first step towards making a desired change in your life. We all face difficulties and may need additional support during these times.

Gabrielle Rodriguez

Gabrielle Rodriguez, LMFT

I wholeheartedly believe you can achieve a life filled with inner peace and fulfillment and that individuals tend to pursue therapy when they have exhausted their ideas and internal resources to accomplish this.

Hannah Garrett, LPC, NCC

Whether this is your first experience with therapy or you are looking to continue the internal work you have been doing for years, I am here to help guide you on your journey towards healing and self-discovery.


Jackie Jarmoszko, LPC-A

I genuinely want to support you on your path of self-discovery and healing, and I believe that therapy can be a transformative tool in that journey. Together, we can navigate the depths of your emotions, uncover your inner strength, and work towards healing and growth.

Jessica Radcliff, LPC

As a trained therapist within multiple modalities, I strive to support those that are searching for an empathetic and compassionate provider.

Jenna Angello

Jenna Angello, LPC, NCC

Getting support on life’s journey can be an integral part of one’s healing and growth. Looking for help can sometimes seem challenging and overwhelming, but can also be one of the bravest things you do for yourself.

Sara Sabellico LCSW Counseling Connecticut

Sara Sabellico, LCSW

No matter the season of life you’re in, we will all experience moments of joy or distress. Wanting to have someone to talk to is a natural part of being human and a defining part of our collective experience.


Jenece Hill, LCSW

My goal is to assist others on their journey towards healing and growth. I have provided treatment to a diverse population including adolescents, young adults, and adults. I am also well-versed in handling clinical crises.

Kristen Gayle, LCPC, LPC

Kristen Gayle, LPC,PhD

I believe therapy is an opportunity to grow and transform psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I strive to provide a safe, nurturing, and supportive environment that is free of judgment.

Melissa Corbo, LCSW Counselor Connecticut

Melissa Corbo, LCSW

I believe there is no “one size fits all” approach to therapy. I will meet you where you are at in your life and we will work together towards healing and learning healthy ways of coping with stressors.

Hayley Labrecque, LPC
Certified School Psychologist

I believe the foundation for therapy is creating an empathetic, supportive environment.

Kristen Fowler

Kristen Fowler, LPC

The Dalai Lama said it perfectly, “There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done, one is called yesterday and one is called tomorrow.”

Rachel Carlson

Dr. Rachel Carlson, PsyD

I am passionate about helping you understand what is going on inside your brain so you don’t think you are broken. I believe you are the expert on your own life and we will work together to figure out what approach to therapy will meet your needs.

Ms. Cindy

Cindy Lowell, LMSW

Life’s paths can be challenging and difficult at times. It can be hard to maneuver through these journeys alone. Therapy is a great way to navigate these obstacles

Counselor christina

Christina Grandbois, LPC

I’m an art therapist committed to helping people learn how to build healthier relationships with themselves. My work focuses on creating a safe space for my clients to explore all parts and aspects of themselves.

Alicia Albertson

Alicia Albertson, LCSW

I am here to help support and guide you toward your goals and your path of recovery. I provide a warm, safe, and relaxed environment where you can explore the deepest parts of you.

Kayla McDonald

Kayla McDonald, LMSW

My experience as a former educator provides me with a unique and effective approach to helping my clients find their inner strength and existing wisdom.

Taylor Brosnihan

Taylor Brosnihan, LPC

Hi, I’m Taylor. I believe that all people have the capacity to learn and grow into the best possible version of themselves.

Jeff smiling

Dr. Jeffrey Burda, PsyD

Like many in this profession, my own path of healing has compelled me to work with others. I am now grateful to be able to use my personal experiences and clinical training to help people who are suffering

Anne Riener1

Anne Riener, LMFT

Finding your inner strength and healing is an emotional journey, and I am willing to travel through it with you.

Lisa Higgins

Lisa Higgins, LPC

Life is a journey. Therapy is a way to receive support and guidance during the times you may need a non-judgmental and neutral person to listen.

Samantha Murphy

Samantha Bebrin, LPC

I believe taking care of ourselves is of vital importance to live our lives as fully as possible. Therapy is a safe place to connect, share and recognize your needs as well as to gather new tools for coping, healing and growth.

Dori Gatter, PsyD, LPC

Dr. Dori Gatter, PsyD, LPC

I am currently not taking new clients. Life is in constant motion, and it may be that the only thing that we can count on is change.

Deborah Krevalin

Deborah Krevalin, LPC, LMHC

I help couples reclaim friendship and intimacy by healing old wounds and repairing trust.

Lyssete Cordova

Lyssete Cordova, LMFT

As you go through life, you may be impacted by a personal struggle in an unexpected way, which leaves you feeling unsure of where to go next.

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