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Our Practice

Life can be challenging. Whether it’s school, career, relationships, family, parenting or partnering, it seems like there are always things that need to be addressed, managed or maintained. Sometimes that can be overwhelming, leaving you feeling stuck, scared or even a bit helpless. It’s good to have someone in your corner that can aid you in sorting through the details, and reframe your experience. At West Hartford Holistic Counseling, our focus is on helping you release those feelings of overwhelm and move toward a more positive and fulfilling life.

West Hartford Holistic Counseling is central Connecticut’s premier center for counseling and psychotherapy. We serve individuals, couples, children, teens, families and the LGBTQ community. Our experienced therapists can work with you to manage life transitions, adapt to new situations and work through old patterns of behavior that may be limiting your potential for growth and personal excellence. We work with you to reframe your experience, opening up new avenues of personal growth.

Whether you’re experiencing difficulties in your intimate relationship, struggling with changes in your career, lifestyle or family situation, we can support you in learning to heal your relationships, cultivate a more positive outlook and effectively manage stress. We understand the human experience and can meet you where you are with warmth, respect and compassion.

Over the years, the therapists at West Hartford Holistic Counseling have fostered an environment of healing and growth. All of our therapists provide expert, effective and empathetic support. We help you clarify your needs, find new directions and empower yourself to a live richer, more connected life.

We would be honored to walk with you, your child, partner or family on your respective journeys to wholeness. We can help you work through the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of the challenges you are facing so that you can begin enjoying the opportunities you’re facing, rather than seeing them as an obstacle to your fulfillment and joy.

With support and compassion you can navigate this challenging time. There is hope and help. We invite you to call our office at 860-295-4103 for a free phone consultation to discuss your specific needs and to answer any questions you have about our practice and the counseling services we offer.

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