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Navigating life and all its ups, downs, challenges and even successes can sometimes leave even the most grounded of us feeling overwhelmed. At some point, most people will experience difficulties with their intimate relationship, career, children or families. And many, if not most, will be impacted by loss, trauma, depression or anxiety. It’s totally normal to feel stuck, scared or even helpless at times. If you want to shift into a more joyful, productive way of being, we can help. With support, guidance and a willingness to self-explore, you can heal relationships, cultivate positive thinking and manage stress effectively.

With warmth, deep understanding of the human experience and more than 20 years of experience, the therapists at West Hartford Holistic Counseling Center foster an environment of safety that encourages growth and healing. All of our therapists provide expertise, effective approaches and compassionate support to help individuals, couples, children, teens and families clarify their values, communicate in ways that support goals and live empowered and connected lives. You and/or your loved ones can work through the emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions of your issues and begin enjoying more fulfilling relationships and empowered, connected lives.

You can navigate this challenging time with support, compassion and more ease. There is hope and help. We invite you to call our office for a free phone consultation to discuss your specific needs and to answer any questions you have about our practice and the counseling services we offer.

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