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Parent Coaching

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities of parenting?

Parent Coaching

Parenting in the 21st century, in some ways, looks much different than it did for our parents. On the other hand, some things—like, managing behavior, understanding where a kid is coming from, responding to their experience of peer pressure, or just getting them to listen—haven’t changed all that much. Either way, there are a lot of things to manage for you, as a parent, and sometimes that can be overwhelming.

One of the biggest changes, for both kids and parents, is the influence of technology, the role it plays in daily life and the threat it introduces in so many different ways. Whether it’s overexposure leading to a lack of boundaries and impulse control, not understanding social cues or not understanding consequences, parents are not only charged with raising a developing child, but also confronted with these kinds of external influences making it infinitely more difficult.

Peer pressure has also changed pretty much in line with the overall changes in society. Concerns like cigarette smoking, underage drinking and the influence of social cliques still exist, they pale somewhat in light of hard drug use among teenagers, pre-teen sexual activity and bullying, whether it’s social bullying or cyber-bullying.

All of these considerations can also come at a cost to you, both as a parent and a person. Setting boundaries around your parenting—a negative effect of the ‘positive self-esteem’ movement, where everyone gets a trophy, and helicopter parenting—can be a struggle. The unrelenting pressure to have your kids succeed and bending over backwards to make sure that happens can become a drain. Managing the random chaos your kids will invariably introduce into your life can take a toll on you personally, disrupt your peace of mind and even interfere with your relationship with your spouse or partner.

  • Are you feeling anxious around the impact technology is having on your kids?
  • Has bullying become an issue for you and your child?
  • Is my child being bullied, or are they a bully, themselves?
  • Are you struggling with removing your investment in your child’s positive and negative experiences?
  • Do you struggle to set boundaries in your parenting?
  • How are you handling the chaos your child can introduce into your life?

If this sounds like your experience, or these are questions you’re struggling with, feel free to reach out to the expert counselors at West Hartford Holistic Counseling to explore how we can help you develop more effective parenting skills, as well as find peace of mind, while developing deeper and more fulfilling relationships with your child, and within your family.


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