Celebrating 10 Years

West Hartford Holistic Counseling Celebrates 10 Years


10th Anniversary

West Hartford Holistic Counseling, a leading mental health and well-being group psychotherapy in the West Hartford area, is excited to announce its 10th anniversary. This milestone is a testament to the company’s commitment to fostering holistic wellness within the community.

Over the past ten years, West Hartford Holistic Counseling has been an invaluable resource for residents seeking comprehensive holistic mental health support. The company’s unwavering dedication to the well-being of its clients has made it an essential part of the community’s fabric.

WHHC has 30 Psychotherapists who all have their own specialties and modalities with diverse backgrounds and trainings. The owner and CEO, Dr. Dori Gatter, grew up in West Hartford and has over 30 years of experience in her field. 

West Hartford Holistic Counseling has distinguished itself by offering a holistic approach to mental health and well-being. Through various services, they have provided support and guidance to individuals ,children, families ,couples and groups seeking to enhance their mental and emotional health.

The company has actively participated in numerous community initiatives and partnerships to raise mental health awareness and foster a healthier, happier community. Their contributions extend beyond individual counseling to group therapy, workshops, and community outreach programs that have positively impacted the lives of many.

As West Hartford Holistic Counseling celebrates its 10th anniversary, the company is committed to promoting mental health and well-being throughout West Hartford and surrounding towns. With an eye on the future, they remain dedicated to expanding their offerings and further enhancing the mental health support available to the community.

West Hartford Holistic Counseling invites you to celebrate this significant milestone. To commemorate this significant anniversary, West Hartford Holistic Counseling is planning various community engagement activities, including wellness workshops and events that will further enrich the lives of the local population.

About West Hartford Holistic Counseling

West Hartford Holistic Counseling is a well-established mental health and well-being group private practice serving the community. With a decade of service to the community, they continue to be a trusted resource for those seeking support in their well-being journey.

For more information about West Hartford Holistic Counseling and their 10th-anniversary celebrations, please visit their website at  https://westhartfordholisticcounseling.com/.

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West Hartford Holistic Counseling

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Email Address: dori@drdorigatter.com 

Website: https://westhartfordholisticcounseling.com/ 


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