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Weathering Life’s Challenges-From Despair to Repair

Life’s Challenges

Life at times can present challenges and experiences such as:

-divorceLifes Challenges, West Hartford Holistic Counseling

-the loss of a child


-childhood trauma

-the death of a loved one

-job loss

-financial stress

-family discord

-past regrets

During these times uncertainty about the future can weigh heavily. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a soul wandering this earth that has not experienced the pain of despair. That despair, can provide us with an opportunity for growth.

The lotus is a beautiful, ancient flower whose petals slowly unfold, one at a time. It will, however, only grow in mud. It not only survives murky waters, it thrives in them. It pushes through the mud and perseveres through the darkness, emerging as a masterpiece; whole;complete and lacking nothing.

The lotus flower teaches us three important lessons about moving from despair into a place of being restored.


This sacred flower has the ability to survive in all types of environments: ponds, lakes, containers of mud, large tubs, small bowls, river flood plains and even swamps. Many times our rigidity prevents us from growing. Only when we can accept the pain of our circumstances and adjust to our new reality can our restoration begin.


The beautiful lotus has the unique ability to self-clean. It sheds its leaves each winter, and the roots of the flower gather the food and water it needs for nourishment. The stems of the lotus go underground to anchor the flower and provide storage for food. Very often, when we find ourselves in the throes of despair, we neglect to be good to ourselves. We don’t eat properly, get enough rest, or ‘shed’ negative people from our sphere of influence. We refuse to recognize when it’s time to retreat, which leave us feeling adrift, rather than anchored to the earth.


The lotus doesn’t discriminate against or reject the mud it grows in. It doesn’t hate, curse or foolishly fight against the mud. It simply uses the mud for growth. Once fully grown, the lotus stands in the strength of its splendor. Like the lotus for us to achieve true wholeness, we must acknowledge and embrace the lesson and gift in each muddy challenge we face. In the midst of anguish and hopelessness, we need only stand and grow.

The pressures and disappointments we face in life can weigh us down and stunt our growth. Feelings of despair threaten to rob us of joy, peace and contentment. In moments of uncertainty, it’s important to realize that we possess the power to transform our lives and ourselves. If we allow it, the mudof our lives can fertilize our future. Seeds of adaptability, self-care, and growth can help carry us from despair to healing and growth.

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