Celebrating 10 Years

Screw You 2019, 2020 Here We Come!

They say it’s the most wonderful time of the year *cue holiday cheer*…but is it really?

December and the New Year is a time when reflection and self-doubt seem to run wild through the air. Unrealistic expectations and grand ideas are everywhere we turn. Just waiting to set us up!

People talk about New Year’s Resolutions and agree to give their all to make these goals happen. Committing wholly to a ‘new you’ because well, let’s face it, the same you, the old you just isn’t good enough.

This all sounds great doesn’t it?

Hell no!

Fight Back!

Who said we have to feel disappointed in the year we just had? Or that we need to make such BIG changes? And who decides what goals for us to set for the year ahead?

Aren’t we more like building blocks than a dry erase board?!

I invite you to question this with me. Question ourselves. All of it! Redefine what it means to close out a year and start “fresh”.

Why? You might ask.

Because the ending of a year brings fear for both what is ahead and fear for what has already happened. This just leaves us feeling paralyzed and hopeless. Definitely not a place anyone would choose to be, right?

Let’s create our own personal visions of what we want to see in our lives. Be open to reflection. Remember, this isn’t about creating a ‘new you’ this is about improving the same you.

Reflecting on our successes, and disappointments, is how we move forward more clearly and more mindfully. That’s right moving forward. Choosing happiness more easily! Even seeing it more readily.

Moving Forward

Reflecting means we’re increasing our awareness. Awareness is about process, growth, and expansion for this crazy journey we call life.

The journey in being the person you’ve always imagined. The person you want to be.  A person who is not easily influenced by the outside world or by outside noise. We are talking about the person you truly are!

There is no need to attach labels of success or failure when it comes to goals we set for ourselves. Let’s get rid of that New Year’s Resolution and new year, new you bullshit!

We are driven by fear. By the idea that happiness with others, and ourselves, is based on the approval from the outside world.

Wrong! It is all within you!

It’s an Inside Job

Reflection in December and the New Year is more about what we would like to see improve. Focus on the positive, rather than on the negative, and it will help us to shine light on even more possibilities.

Choose to look for the positive! Believe in the positive. Yes, it is a personal choice.

Sure, it doesn’t always feel like it is. And of course it is easier said than done, but wouldn’t you want to believe you have the power to see the change you want to see and actually make it happen!

We create these goals for the year to come in hopes for the change they promise. So let’s stop setting ourselves up to achieve the unachievable!

Let’s redefine this. Let’s think of these goals as more natural, more flowing. Think-more achievable! To do this we have to think smaller.

We can have everything we want. We can achieve all the goals we set for ourselves! We just have to realize our greatest strength is ourselves!

So I ask you, what do you think is a good enough goal to start 2020 off with a bang?

I would love to discuss how we can work together to embrace your realistic goals in 2020? If you are interested you can contact me here.

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