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Sara Sabellico, LCSW

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Sara Sabellico

No matter the season of life you are in, we will all experience moments of joy or distress. The need to talk to someone is a natural part of being human and is a defining part of our collective experience. Sometimes we will turn to a friend or a family member. The truth is, not everyone has or needs that someone. Perhaps what you are experiencing requires someone who is unbiased and trained to help you on a deeper level.

Unique solutions are created when we engage in the power of human connection. Understanding individual needs, helping to find fulfillment and learning to live a more authentic life is powerful and life changing work. Whether it is stress at work or school, depression and anxiety, recent loss, past trauma, anxiety about parenthood, or difficulty coping with a diagnosis, we can start this journey together. Sometimes the hardest part is the acknowledgement of needing help. 

I deeply respect the courage it takes to do that and welcome you to reach out to me so we can start to define what you are looking for. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 16 years of experience working with children to adults, I am here to help you navigate the season of life that you are in. We can all have unique situations that require a refined ear and the expertise of a professional to help identify and create solutions. My collaborative and compassionate approach will help you discover ways to improve self-care, communicate more effectively, and address underlying barriers to your healing process. Growth is possible, and seeking help is the first step in your healing.

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