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Lyssete Cordova, LMFT

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Lyssete Cordova

As you go through life, you may be impacted by a personal struggle in an unexpected way, which leaves you feeling unsure of where to go next. Growth is a part of the human experience that is unavoidable and can inconvenience us. Typically, people think the end result is the only sign of growth which can overlook the entire process that took you there. Even in the hardships, you can learn new things about yourself, and it can help to have a grounding support along the way. I am Lyssete Cordova, and I am that kind of support that helps process those difficult moments and walk alongside you in creating the life you envision while valuing who you are as a person.

My counseling approach focuses on getting to know you and your loved ones, creating a safe space for openness and healing, and meeting you where you are in your life experiences. I utilize techniques from the structural model and knowledge from my trainings in Sexual and Gender Minority Mental Health and Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to tailor the therapeutic experience for teens, young adults, and adults of diverse cultural backgrounds. I take language barriers off the table as a bilingual clinician, fluent in English and Spanish, to give people the comfort of expressing themselves in their preferred language.

As a licensed marriage and family therapist, I am familiar with individuals, families and couples experiencing disconnection, anxiety, depression, trauma, and/or a major life transition. I support people in their desires to connect with themselves and their loved ones especially when it feels like they have tried everything. I would be honored to work collaboratively with you and your loved ones through barriers and create space for positive change in order to build a life meaningful to you.

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