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Jenna Angello, LPC, NCC

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Jenna Angello
Getting support on life’s journey can be an integral part of one’s healing and growth. Looking for help can sometimes seem challenging and overwhelming, but can also be one of the bravest things you do for yourself. Everyone needs support at one point or another and allowing me to be the bridge for that healing is my pleasure and honor. I believe everyone has the ability and resiliency to get through difficult periods in their lives and want to help you learn the skills and support you in your own personal journey. Jenna Angello, LPC specialize in helping people cope with anxiety and mood symptoms.
I have two primary modalities of therapy that I use. DBT is a skills based therapy that provides strategies to help cope with day to day life stressors, improve communication, and assert for your needs. I also utilize attachment based therapy to discuss impact of family dynamics and work to address core issues and conflicts that can impact us in adulthood.
I believe in an authentic counseling environment where you are free to be yourself and be open and honest. I will work to build a relationship of transparency and genuineness in the safe and warm environment that you deserve. I want to help you recognize your strengths and reach your goals. I look forward to helping you in your own journey.

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