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Dori Gatter, PsyD, LPC

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Dori Gatter

Life is in constant motion, and it may be that the only thing that we can count on is change. While change can be exciting and even present us with opportunities for growth, it can also create mental, emotional, physical, and relationship challenges. We all experience varying degrees of these challenges, and although each person’s experience may look and feel a little different, it’s normal to experience stress and feel a little lost and uncertain at times. Regardless of whether you’re experiencing difficulties with your partner or seeking to understand yourself and your own struggles on a deeper level, counseling can help. As an experienced, compassionate therapist, I Dori Gatter can help you recognize, explore and heal the emotional, physical and spiritual core issues you are facing.

After 20 years in private practice, I formed West Hartford Holistic Counseling Center. Our team of experienced therapists offers our clients a warm, supportive environment with a focus on holistic healing. Over a lifetime of my own personal healing and decades as a therapist, I have experienced and witnessed the long-lasting benefits of therapy that addresses the mind, body and spirit. Using a variety of effective holistic and mindfulness based therapy approaches, we help individuals, couples and families identify the causes behind their issues, develop solutions and understand and heal – not just treat – the root causes of emotional issues, pain and illness.

My focus as a therapist is to help you see that you are inherently healthy, regardless of where you come from and the difficulties you’ve experienced in your life. Your unique situation and the challenges you experience can be understood and healed. In sessions, we’ll work collaboratively to identify, explore and address the root causes, not just the symptoms of your issues. We can discover why you feel mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically or spiritually out of alignment, and effectively restore balance. We will also address any physical symptoms, such as pain and illness that are usually emotionally based. Using a combination of body-centered and mindfulness therapy designed to address you as a whole person, I can help you to understand yourself in an emotional, physical and spiritual context. This deeper exploration and understanding fosters meaningful and sustainable healing and growth.

I enjoy helping people work through a myriad of issues that they face.  Couples and relationship counseling has become a passion of mine. There is so much richness in helping individuals and couples get to the core of their issues.  I love helping people improve communication, increase levels of connection and develop more depth and passion in their relationships to each other and with themselves. It’s a long-held belief of mine that in order to heal old wounds, we can subconsciously choose partners who trigger and challenge us in profound ways. Through identifying old wounds and deep-seated emotions and exploring how they play out in romantic relationships, you can develop understanding and compassion for yourself and your partner. This intimate work also enhances connection, gets to the heart of the conflicts, fosters resolutions and helps you discover new paths of healing.

No one is immune from personal and relationship challenges. We all have to work through past and present issues.  As a holistic therapist, I believe that a key factor of wellbeing is taking time for self-care. I became a therapist because I am passionate about helping people and my own personal growth. I am blessed to be able to work with clients, other therapists and by also training and directing training programs at the Hartford Family Institute.

The right therapist and an approach that addresses your total self – emotional, spiritual and physical – can help you experience a more fulfilling relationship with yourself and others. You can live a joyful, satisfying life. If you are ready to begin a journey toward growth and healing, please call our West Hartford Holistic Counseling Center office at 860-258-4171 to discuss how we can help.

Dr. Dori Gatter earned her PsyD. from The Graduate Theological Foundation. She earned her MA in Counseling Psychology from Antioch University in New Hampshire and her BA in Psychology from Lesley College in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor for over 20 years and a graduate of the Hartford Family Institute’s Body-Centered Gestalt Professional Training Program. Dori teaches and is the Director of The Human Relations Training Program. Dori also mentors and coaches new therapists.  She has training in Imago Relationship Therapy and has co-authored two books, including a children’s book that teaches children how to relate to their emotions. Dori runs workshops and speaks about transformation and relationships. She has been interviewed on NBC Channel 30 News.

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