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You already have the answers. I will just help you find them within yourself. 

Hi! My name is Dr. Molly and I am a licensed clinical psychologist. I believe that all therapy begins with the relationship we build together and what you, as a client, and myself, as a psychologist, can create together in order to help you reach your goals.

Many of my clients will say they feel more confident, empowered to live the life they want to live and have a better relationship with themselves. I enjoy working with women who are in transition of some sort. This could look like wanting to make a career change, managing being a mom and working, struggling in relationships, setting boundaries with friends and family or simply wanting to understand themselves more. 

Another specialty of mine is loss and grief. Many of my clients have experienced the death loss of someone they love and other clients have experienced the significant loss of a relationship, identity, job or major life transition. 

I value authenticity, connection, humor and warmth in the therapy relationship and believe that these are essential elements of healing. Through our conversations, we will explore, discover and process how your past can influence the present and future and hopefully deepen your understanding of the self and increase awareness of how you are and how you would like to be.