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Margy Shah, LMSW

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Margy Shah Counselor Connecticut

I believe in the potential for people to become their strongest, most authentic selves. When we face challenges, such as mental health issues, major life transitions, grief, and other obstacles, it can be difficult to understand and be kind to ourselves. Especially if we are facing these challenges alone. When we have someone who understands what we are going through and can offer support, this can be very powerful.  

As a therapist, I am here to provide you with the kindness, support, and guidance you may need to face these obstacles. I am passionate about the importance of mental health and its equality to physical well-being. 

With a background in social work as well as behavioral neuroscience, I understand the impact that our brain’s health can have on our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. 

I have worked with diverse populations including children, young adults, adults, and elders who have experienced anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, family/parent stress, loss and grief, and major life transitions. I have incorporated into this work, the awareness and resources to fight the mental illness stigma and social injustice.

I believe in a person-centered, holistic, and strengths-based approach to therapy in which we can collaborate and work together on your specific needs. The common treatment modalities which we can incorporate include cognitive-behavioral therapy, solution-focused therapy, motivational interviewing, and others. 

Through a multidimensional model, we can focus on you as an individual, as well as how your environment, family, friends, work, spirituality and other connections or identities which are important to you.

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