Elyse Pedra

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Therapy is life-changing work, and a precious opportunity to be your most vulnerable, authentic self in the company of a clinically-trained ally. Together, we can tackle problems by going under the surface and examining past trauma and your deepest unmet wants and needs. We’ll work towards healing and reaching a place of wholeness in all areas of your life.

As a therapist, I take an integrative, holistic approach with an emphasis on the psychodynamic and existential. In practical terms, this means I like to ask the big questions in life and get to the root of our experience, both in the moment and over the course of a lifetime. I work with clients of all ages, but in particular adolescents and young adults. Common issues that I help treat in therapy are within the broad spectra of complex trauma, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and poor self-image.

No matter who I’m working with, I approach each client with respect, warmth, curiosity, and my full attention. My top priority is to provide a safe and sacred space for each individual who entrusts me with their life story. I’ve always considered myself to be a people person, so connecting with clients is one of my favorite parts of this work. I know that therapy can be scary for some clients, but I believe it can also be full of joy and deeply rewarding.

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