Career CounselingAre you thinking about making a career change or pursuing a job for the first time? Choosing or changing your career is an important task. We spend many hours of our lives at work and it is important to find work that fits and feels authentic to you. While making these choices can be exciting, for many people it can also be an overwhelming task. Often times there are many steps involved in discovering the best fit career as well as investments that we put into those goals, such as further education, time, money and effort. Whether you are looking to change your career or explore what type of work you might desire, career counseling can provide you with support and guidance. Career counseling can help assess your skills, needs and desires to find work that works for you.

Career Counseling Can Help Explore the Following:

  • What skills do I have and in what types of work would they be useful?
  • How family, other life roles and factors have influenced career mindset & development
  • Assessing who you are and what you want
  • Clarifying your values and interests
  • Getting to know your personality traits
  • Exploring Options and Alternatives
  • The educational requirements for your desired career
  • The potential earnings of various careers
  • How to write your best resume
  • Negotiating salary

If you are looking to make your life work for you, call or contact us today and set up a career counseling appointment to get started on your journey.

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